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Paradise Portugal 4U
BU MobyDream
Your new bespoke dream home anywhere

Life is limited - Live your dream now

We Place Your Dream Home Anywhere

Paradise Portugal 4U is not a property consultant/broker/agent: We actually build your new bespoke dream home

Update: Accepting NOW orders for second home Paradise

Paradise Portugal 4U

Your Bespoke second home in Paradise.

Maybe even in Portugal?

For long weekends, for holidays, for retirement, for your kids or partner, or to escape winter?

Or at some point even permanently?
Wherever you may want. Start living today, redecide anytime later.

Live Better With A Second Home In The Sunniest Year-Round Place In Europe.

Live Your Dream Now: in Paradise Portugal, with its "endlessly lovely people" verified


You can have your MobyDream™ anywhere - even in the globally popular Algarve

trueBESPOKE™ Paradise Portugal 4U

Please note: Paradise Portugal 4U don't do "prefab". And we don't have "model" homes and "floor plans" that "you may customize".

no truly bespoke homes elsewhere Not with us. We want you to LOVE your home for being uniquely yours

At Paradise Portugal 4U we do not settle for less than greatness. Because YOU are the customer. And WE build your custom dream home 100% bespoke: Only for you.

Because no one else has your dream. And so no one else should have your home: It's unique to you. And uniquely yours.

Forever yours, if you order a MobyDream™. Because:

  • MobyDreams™ are permanent homes on a foundation
  • yet sophistically designed and engineered to be relocatable regardless verified
  • to give you all these benefits whenever and wherever you will move next: with home

Our trueBESPOKE™ you always get from us. Relocatability at removal cost is an option and unique to MobyDreams™ only.


If you can choose: Do you prefer Prefab or Bespoke?

Your Bespoke Dream Home Forever Yours


Large or small, Paradise Portugal 4U build YOUR dream home

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Where is Paradise? Paradise Portugal 4U

Your - temporary or permanent - personal Paradise may well be in Portugal with its supreme quality of life:

  • in the Algarve on the Atlantic south coast
  • on the Atlantic west coast anywhere between Sagres and Viana do Castelo
  • or in the Alentejo, Central Region, or the North

Where to find us

Our new construction site: centrally in the municipality of Lagoa, Algarve.

Take a bet? You won't be able to miss us in Paradise. You won't even need our address :)

Tel +351 9200 46 873 Normal Work Hours. Just note that part of our construction process causes such extreme noise that we may not hear your ringing.

Paradise Portugal 4U (PP4U) is meant to be your local go-to place in the Algarve.

The idea is that if you are Portuguese or French, we suggest you directly contact JGDS in lovely Paços de Ferreira in the North:

JGDS in Paços de Ferreira JGDS in Paços de Ferreira

The owners Jorge and Isabel have been among the company owner's local friends in the North for many years and they are fluent in both French and Portuguese, as are their children too: They will happily build your holiday home in Paradise.

And if you are ABC = American, British, Canadian, or from Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, or the Nordic countries then we should understand each other well. So you might decide to just pop in once we have our new highly visible premises in the Algarve.


Get in touch now, if you'd like to have your second home in Paradise too?
Start with where you want your own new bespoke home, and size and layout?

Good to know Paradise Portugal 4U

your new home on purchased land or on rented land Buy a plot or rent a plot to place your MobyDream™ anywhere


Did you know?

You don't need to own land already: MobyDreams™ are unique in so many ways, incl. a MobyDream™ comes with its own inherent foundation.

So if the local municipality does not require a soil foundation, you can legally and safely live in your MobyDream™ on rented land even.

Paradise Portugal 4U (PP4U) is happy to find you a great plot of land, whether to rent or to purchase: it's an option of our trueTURNKEY™ offer.

Likewise an option is that we help non-EU customers to obtain Portugal's "Golden Visa" if that is your need or desire. Details of our comprehensive help upon request.

You see, Paradise Portugal 4U's customer focus is unique in many more ways than building your bespoke, safe, functional home.


There are many more fascinating insights. Just talk to us?

So what is mobydreaming?

"I have been mobydreaming" is to become the accepted term of dreaming of, and moving closer to, one's personal paradise.


When will YOU be moving closer to your personal paradise?

Not convinced yet?


Good! There's more to learn about the most advanced home you could buy today.